If you are a non-profit entity, you can download a free version of HTMD which does not have all functionalities of the Pro-version.

The Pro version requires a license, which is linked to acceptance of the end user License agreement (EULA).

If you do not have a license, please contact us. If you already have a license, please follow the instructions here below.

Installing HTMD#

If you do not have conda installed please first install Miniconda by downloading and running the latest installer from the following URL

After installing conda create a new environment for HTMD and activate it.

1conda create -n htmd
2conda activate htmd

With the htmd environment active (you should see (htmd) on the left) run the following command to install the HTMD python package

1conda install mamba python=3.10 -c conda-forge
2mamba install htmd -c acellera -c conda-forge

Before using HTMD, please read the EULA and register using the command


If you don’t accept the EULA and register at this point, HTMD will prompt for registration when the Python module is imported