moleculekit.pdbx.reader.PdbxParser module#

PDBx/mmCIF dictionary and data file parser.


The tokenizer used in this module is modeled after the clever parser design used in the PyMMLIB package.

PyMMLib Development Group Authors: Ethan Merritt: merritt@u.washington.ed & Jay Painter: See:

exception moleculekit.pdbx.reader.PdbxParser.PdbxError#

Bases: Exception

Class for catch general errors

class moleculekit.pdbx.reader.PdbxParser.PdbxReader(ifh)#

Bases: object

PDBx reader for data files and dictionaries.


Appends to the input list of definition and data containers.

class moleculekit.pdbx.reader.PdbxParser.PdbxWriter(ofh=<_io.TextIOWrapper name='<stdout>' mode='w' encoding='utf-8'>)#

Bases: object

Write PDBx data files or dictionaries using the input container or container list.

exception moleculekit.pdbx.reader.PdbxParser.SyntaxError(lineNumber, text)#

Bases: Exception

Class for catching syntax errors