You can proceed by either installing the PlayMolecule python API to the system python installation or to a Miniconda or Anaconda installation. We recommend installing the package into a new Miniconda environment to prevent compatibility issues with any other python packages already installed on your system.

Miniconda installation

Head over to and download the latest Python 3.X package for your operating system. You can then follow the installation instructions for Miniconda here:

Create conda environment

Once Miniconda is installed you should have the conda command available in your command line. You can now create a new conda environment called for example playmolecule (you can call it whatever you want) with python version 3.6 with the following command:

conda create -n playmolecule python=3.6 ipython

Next, activate that environment so that you can use it and install any further packages using:

conda activate playmolecule

Install playmolecule python api package

Once the environment playmolecule is active, you can install the package using the command pip install playmolecule