How to Contribute to HTMD


Acellera Ltd. ( is the owner of the HTMD repository ( The HTMD repository is composed of a master branch, where all development is carried on.

How to Contribute Fixes

If you have found a bug in HTMD, the correct way to fix it is to fork the Acellera/htmd repository (, switch to the branch corresponding to the latest stable release, fix the bug, test the fix, and open a pull request (

How to Contribute New Features

If you’d like to develop for HTMD and contribute new features, it would be best to contact us through the issues (, so we can better advice you on your contribution. The process of contributing is also to fork the Acellera/htmd repository (, develop your feature (rebase often), document it, test it, and when it’s ready, open a pull request to the master branch (

Contributor Agreement

To find the contributor agreement for signing, please follow this link ( Please add the signed document to your PR (inside doc/source/developers/signed_agreements/). We can only accept your PR after you have added this file.

List of Features Interesting for HTMD