Sign Up to AWS

AceCloud uses your existing Amazon Web Services account for its compute power. If you don’t yet have an AWS account, register at this site. You will need to supply credit card details for billing purposes.

Install the AceCloud Client

To install AceCloud, run the command:

conda install -c acellera acecloud-client

Configuring AceCloud

AceCloud requires configuration before it can be used. Once the software is installed, run the command:

acecloud --setup

This will open two browser windows. In the first, complete any login prompt and then subscribe to the AceCloud Amazon Marketplace product. Follow the instructions in the termination window to obtain AWS access credentials from the page opened in the second window.

If you encounter any problems installing this software, please contact us directly at

In case you do not have conda

First, check if you already have conda:

conda -V

If this command reports the conda version, follow to the Install the AceCloud Client section. If not, download the appropriate following package:

Mac OS X
(Some features are not supported)


(Some features are not supported)

64-bit (bash installer)

64-bit (bash installer)

64-bit (exe installer)

Now, to install the conda package manager, go to directory where to you downloaded the previous package and run:

bash Miniconda3-latest-*

And follow the instructions.

How to Use AceCloud

The AceCloud client runs ACEMD and Gromacs simulations on Amazon AWS resources. It performs all file copying and VM instantiation operations automatically - once configured with AWS access credentials the user does not need to interact directly with the AWS Console. The syntax for all AceCloud operations is given by:

acecloud --help
You can start by reading how to setup and work with acecloud here . You can also read and watch this tutorial .